The estimagic Team#

Janoś is the original developer and architect behind estimagic. All team members are active contributors in terms of commits, advice or community building. Aida and Bahar are supported by [TRA Modelling]. Hans-Martin supports estimagic in many ways, including funding and great feedback from using and teaching estimagic. Ken supports estimagic with his expertise on all numerical topics, financed a research stay at Standford for Janoś, Sebi and Tim and organized a workshop on numerical optimization with estimagic at Hoover Institution.


We are grateful for many contributions from the community. In particular, we want to thank:

  • Moritz Mendel

  • Max Blesch

  • Christian Zimpelmann

  • Robin Musolff

  • Sofia Badini

  • Sofya Akimova

  • Xuefei Han

  • Leiqiong Wan

  • Andrew Souther

  • Luis Calderon

  • Linda Maokomatanda

  • Madhurima Chandra

  • Vijaybabu Gangaprasad

If you want to find your name here as well, please contact us or browse through our Issues and submit a Pull Request.


Estimagic is funded by the [TRA Modelling] (University of Bonn) as part of the Excellence Strategy of the federal and state governments.

[tra modelling]: